Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Final Project: Star Trek Artifact

I've given much thought on the subject, and after discussing the topic in class and doing my own independent research, I have decided that the focus of my project will be on lingerie, as it exists in the Star Trek universe. Research will result in a comprehensive understanding of sex and mating habits of several well-known species in the Star Trek universe, as well as the concept of gender as it exists (and is performed) throughout multiple insterstellar cultures.  Similarly, a practical understanding of how the lingerie industry would function in a similar context is needed in order to figure out textile materials and any additional functions the garmets may serve. There will be much conjecture about the implications of such a luxury industry existing in a post-scarcity society, and of the feasibility of fabricating creations independently. Ultimately, the fruit of my research will be mock-ups of what I think lingerie would look like in the Star Trek universe. For the sake of this project, additional research will be conducted on the practicality of producing 3d-printed articles in our current time and culture. I will need to see what I'm allowed to do in the labs on campus and figure out if there is a way to properly produce textiles, or if I'll be limited to just generating plastic figures.


The above articles provide little in terms of research, but spark the idea and provide a ground for me to work on. The Alpha Wiki article on Lingerie is only a few sentences long, but at the very least shows that lingerie in the Star Trek universe 1) exists, 2) is implied to be an item of luxury, 3) is considered a general interest to women amongst all races (or at least according to Garak), and 4) functions as " underwear intended to look fashionable and alluring." 

The article on general underwear is much more expansive, and goes on to describe garments that can withstand extreme conditions and even assist in combat.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Week 11, possibly 12?

We critiqued our 3D models this week! There was some good conversation and overall I really enjoyed looking at everyone's work. And we went over more detail on the Star Trek project. I'm still not entirely sure what I want to do for mine, though the possibility of a trekkie lingerie line was discussed. The Star Trek wiki- Wookipedia?- has quite a few articles on fabric so I might actually have a lot to work with on that front. Thomas also wants us to construct a moodboard, in addition to our written-out proposal, and I'm honestly not sure what he's expecting. I've done moodboards for my illustrations, but that usually directly relates to the end-result of my project. Like, moodboards help establish an aesthetic for my work, and I'm not sure how to establish a solid aesthetic for something that isn't even going to be an illustration. I'll have to do more research and see what I come up with!

Project Update: 3D Models!

(Apparently all the photos I upload on this blog end up being deleted/stop showing after a certain period of time, so I'll need to update this post later after I talk to Thomas. This post will just be the photos of the physical prints.)

Week 10? 11? (I'm not sure if Spring Break counts)

My first 3D model (the stapler) has started printing on the resin printers in the CFPA! Even though the whole process looks cool, the room smells awful and I'll likely not update this post with any photos of the printing. Here's the in-process model for my second and final file, the crab!

I have already tried printing it at the Skylab, but to no avail. I'm going to send it to the Sea3D lab and (hopefully) Lex will be able to pick it up for me with hers. Thomas has introduced our next project, a Star Trek-based research... thing? It seems kinda' vague and I'm not totally sure what I'll be doing with it yet. I'll focus on it more once this project is done.

Week 9 + Spring Break!

As of now, I have my first 3D model completed! I've spent my lab time in class doing the finishing touches. There's probably going to be an issue with the amount of overhang in my file- I hadn't considered this before I sat down with Thomas and were we setting up my file. I'll have to be sure to file it down well. Here's what the file looks like:

Thomas said he's willing to bump up our grade on our last project if we work on it more. Chances are I won't be doing that in the next couple of weeks since I'm still working on this project, and we're getting briefed on another one after Spring Break. Speaking of the break, I'm planning on working on my second 3D model! I'll update this post later with my process pics, as I'm still not sure what I want it to look like.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Week 8!

This week was full of a loooooot of stuff, so this is gonna be a good bit of reading for you. Tuesday was our first field trip, down at the Museum, where after a long lecture on the process of 3D printing the museum staff kindly locked us in the building with no lights. Thanks! There was also the critique for our first project (the paper one). Here is my final product, as shown the day of critique (with a comparison shot of the project's first construction):


The end result was pretty god awful! This was the product of several mishaps throughout the transportation of my project. The first time I had successfully packed and de-tangled my project, several lines of fishing line snapped free of the support. I had to re-glue it, along with several fallen "flowers." Once I put it in my traveling case, I would have to repeat the process. This was fine when I was actively working on it- well, it wasn't, but it wasn't a big deal when I was just moving it back-and-forth between working spaces- but when it came to setting up the day of, I had to repeat this process for the umpteenth time minutes before starting critique. This was not ideal. So, the end product was this.. half-flipped, taped-up, patchy mess that doesn't have nearly as recognizable a silhouette as my first rendition (on the right).

Not all of the general badness of my project was due to random mishap- I could've done much better a job of putting everything together. The back side of the flowers went uncolored, which made it much more difficult to recognize the shape of the deer head. The "bar" that kept the piece suspended was also a little distracting, given that it was just a sloppy duct-taped strip of silver that contrasted with the warm colors of the "deer." I think if I had intended this project to be presented this way from the start, I would've treated the paper differently. If I were to modify it now, I'd try to get the back painted as well, and probably re-glue the flowers onto the line to make sure they're aligned properly (instead of having some facing different directions).

I'm not sure if I'll make the time to revisit this since there are more deadlines coming my way. I'd certainly like to, since I had big plans for the piece when I was working on it. Here's to hoping.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sketches for Project 2!

I've been trying to figure out what from real life I could scan to make an interesting model. Of the two sketches, I'm working with: a piggy bank in my apartment, and my face. The left design I'm not really crazy about. The right, on the other hand, looks great to me. I'm thinking of downloading a basic stapler model from one of the online database, then grafting different parts of my face onto it to make this... gross, fleshy stapler. It's great, I love it, I'm going with it. Also, if the scans on my face don't work out, I can just as easily scan a stapler instead and just download eyes/noses/teeth/etc from the database just as easily.

Unfortunately, I'm still short one design for the project, since Thomas has bumped up the number to two models instead of just one, given the time it's taken for us to get our first projects ready. Honestly, I'm not sure what to do. I'm hoping I'll come up with something while working on the first one, otherwise I'll just stick to the lame elephant one (as shown above).