Thursday, January 25, 2018

Debrief: Week 3

First thing' first: I completed my first print on the CNC machine!

There were a few blank spots and "skips," which are most likely from me not looking too closely at my lines in the vector. Overall, not bad.

We also had a very steamy discussion in class about Walter Benjamin, who is absolutely a hipster.

Most of my work following this has been sketching/research for our next big project. I've shared my concepts for it in the last blog post. Definitely sticking with the "flower mobile," though I'm not certain if I want it to be a mobile or not. I'll need to look into materials- it looks like I'll need a thicker paper to get that ombre look I want. Most likely ~300gsm, if the machine can handle cutting it. If not, I've researched "stretching" techniques to make sure my thinner paper won't warp when I apply the paint to it. I'll also need to invest in some fishing line to hang all the pieces up, and a good variety of paint colors for decoration.

I'm also starting on designs for our sticker decals, to be uploaded at a later date. That's all for this week!

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