Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Paper Craft

My first three concepts for this project tackle three different approaches I had in mind: the first relies very little on the "drawing" aspect of the project. The third relies heavily on it. The second is more half-and-half. Of the three, I found the first the most feasible (and interesting). I decided to explore it further.

I thought that the initial sketch with this design seems a little too uninspired, so I tried adding some elements to it. At this point it feels very ornamental and intricate. I think about implementing color into my design, which I definitely an element I want to keep. I'm not sure what palette I'm working with yet. I try refining the idea a little more in the next sketch, where I decide all the extra animal cutouts were just unnecessary "fluff."

I like the idea of making it into a sort of mobile, that way you get the impression of movement walking around the piece. Outside of the construction of the piece, I'm worried about how I'm going to apply color. Maybe spray paint? I'll have to ask.

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