Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Project 1 Sketches

 (This post is coming late due to some troubleshooting issues- issues with the campus WiFi rejecting my file uploads and me saving sketches as the wrong file type.)

I have three main ideas in mind for my illustration: the first being something fun and simple (the hamburger), the second something more "artsy" and interesting (though more complicated), and the third something more true to my personal art.

My main concern is that some of these designs may be too complex to get printed out in a reasonable time. Additionally, some of the designs may work better in my head than exacted on a machine with no variation in line quality. To help ease my mind, I tried drawing the two I felt would be more successful/timely. 

As I suspected, I probably will go for the simple hamburger sketch. I'm not happy with how the left sketch turned out, and I think putting more work on the right will yield something that'll look right and be more "doable." I can always add more detail once I get the basic shapes down. I'll need to talk to Thomas about which designs will work better in the end, but I think I'm making the right choices for this project so far.

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