Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Paper Craft II: The Papering

Here is the result of a bit of research:
watercolor paper that I want to use
"Stretching" method
Additional tips/resources

Given how much extra time it would take to yield the "extra" parts for my project (and the hectic schedule for the FabLab), I'm going to try cutting the larger pieces by hand. As of now, the few pieces of paper I've tested my painting "technique" on have turned out perfectly.

I bought the paint at Target- not particularly cheap, but I figured the glossy coat from the can would mean the material would be less abrasive on the paper. I got three shades: a pale pink, a bright orange, and a nice in-between shade of coral. The two sheets of practice paper I got from the lab were the thinnner of the two we were offered to work with (apparently that was the only kind of scrap they were willing to offer).  I used the "stretching" method and used paper tape for the edges, with my middle coral shade going first, then the lighter/stronger colors on either end.

I'm pleased with the result. The texture is very smooth and, well, glossy. I'm worried about how this will mean when the time comes to cut on the machine- here's to hoping the extra layers of paint won't be an issue in terms of added thickness.

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