Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Week 8!

This week was full of a loooooot of stuff, so this is gonna be a good bit of reading for you. Tuesday was our first field trip, down at the Museum, where after a long lecture on the process of 3D printing the museum staff kindly locked us in the building with no lights. Thanks! There was also the critique for our first project (the paper one). Here is my final product, as shown the day of critique (with a comparison shot of the project's first construction):


The end result was pretty god awful! This was the product of several mishaps throughout the transportation of my project. The first time I had successfully packed and de-tangled my project, several lines of fishing line snapped free of the support. I had to re-glue it, along with several fallen "flowers." Once I put it in my traveling case, I would have to repeat the process. This was fine when I was actively working on it- well, it wasn't, but it wasn't a big deal when I was just moving it back-and-forth between working spaces- but when it came to setting up the day of, I had to repeat this process for the umpteenth time minutes before starting critique. This was not ideal. So, the end product was this.. half-flipped, taped-up, patchy mess that doesn't have nearly as recognizable a silhouette as my first rendition (on the right).

Not all of the general badness of my project was due to random mishap- I could've done much better a job of putting everything together. The back side of the flowers went uncolored, which made it much more difficult to recognize the shape of the deer head. The "bar" that kept the piece suspended was also a little distracting, given that it was just a sloppy duct-taped strip of silver that contrasted with the warm colors of the "deer." I think if I had intended this project to be presented this way from the start, I would've treated the paper differently. If I were to modify it now, I'd try to get the back painted as well, and probably re-glue the flowers onto the line to make sure they're aligned properly (instead of having some facing different directions).

I'm not sure if I'll make the time to revisit this since there are more deadlines coming my way. I'd certainly like to, since I had big plans for the piece when I was working on it. Here's to hoping.

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