Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Final Project: Star Trek Artifact

I've given much thought on the subject, and after discussing the topic in class and doing my own independent research, I have decided that the focus of my project will be on lingerie, as it exists in the Star Trek universe. Research will result in a comprehensive understanding of sex and mating habits of several well-known species in the Star Trek universe, as well as the concept of gender as it exists (and is performed) throughout multiple insterstellar cultures.  Similarly, a practical understanding of how the lingerie industry would function in a similar context is needed in order to figure out textile materials and any additional functions the garmets may serve. There will be much conjecture about the implications of such a luxury industry existing in a post-scarcity society, and of the feasibility of fabricating creations independently. Ultimately, the fruit of my research will be mock-ups of what I think lingerie would look like in the Star Trek universe. For the sake of this project, additional research will be conducted on the practicality of producing 3d-printed articles in our current time and culture. I will need to see what I'm allowed to do in the labs on campus and figure out if there is a way to properly produce textiles, or if I'll be limited to just generating plastic figures.


The above articles provide little in terms of research, but spark the idea and provide a ground for me to work on. The Alpha Wiki article on Lingerie is only a few sentences long, but at the very least shows that lingerie in the Star Trek universe 1) exists, 2) is implied to be an item of luxury, 3) is considered a general interest to women amongst all races (or at least according to Garak), and 4) functions as " underwear intended to look fashionable and alluring." 

The article on general underwear is much more expansive, and goes on to describe garments that can withstand extreme conditions and even assist in combat.

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