Friday, April 27, 2018

Make-Up Work: Trying the Crab Print Again

So! As the title indicates, I have made a second attempt at getting my "crab" model sucessfully printed. I went back to Sea3D and asked them to run the print a second (technically seventh) time, and I have to say I like the results! Here's what it looked like when I first picked it up:

As you can see, there was a LOT of complex support. I should have expected this, given how many times the print had failed. Also, you'll notice that this is a resin print instead of PLA/ABS. We decided that resin would be a better guarantee for this print, since all the plastic printers that tried before ate up the file and spit out a bunch of hot garage. 

After clipping everything off with my pliers, here's what it looked like:

Notice all the little bumps and scratches from the supports. This took some serious sanding and polishing. Here is the final result:

This is actually a little tricky to show, but the original model had sprinkles modeled on the top to look more like a doughnut. Obviously the supports butchered them, so I improvised. Instead of sanding away ALL of the little leftover support nubs, I sanded away about half and smoothed down the rest. Now it looks more like a doughnut! Also, unlike the previous runs of this print, the resin print wak able to capture the other little details I added, like the "smiling eyes."

I'm pretty proud of how this one turned out! Definitely an imporvement from my other six failures (though my tiny baby crab print will always stay close to my heart).

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