Saturday, April 28, 2018

Week 15

There were some complications as I had sent my file. Apparently, this size of the individual "scales," in addition to the quantity I wanted to produce per file, was too great. I won't be able to start putting things together this week as I had hoped, so no progress pictures for that.

In the mean time (as Sea3D starts getting everything together for me), I've picked out the colors I want to use for the piece. Based on their recommendation (the Sea3D lab technicians) I have gone with an acrylic combination-paint-and-primer spray can to treat my piece with. Given that I'll need to apply heat for the little "straps" to put everything together, I won't be able to paint the scales first. Using spray paint will help speed up the process, and the combination paint-and-primer will help make things less tedious since having the primer dry on it's own may lead to some "sticking" as the scales will already be arranged when I start applying. I have also purchased some washers to help me bend the "straps" with more precision.

That's all for this week!

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